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Pond & Lake Aeration Systems: Protect Your Fish!

If you need help or have questions, please call us at 830.992.0928 or send us a message.

Advantages of Pond and Lake Aeration

Pond and lake aeration systems will not only protect your fish from seasonal oxygen related fish kills, but they will also drastically improve water quality by not allowing stagnation and thermal stratification. Pond and lake aeration significantly helps with the reduction of algae. Pond and lake aeration introduces oxygen into bottom depths of ponds and lakes, which are usually void of oxygen. The pond or lake bottom is where organic matter, or “MUCK,” like dead vegetation, livestock manure, and dead organisms accumulate. MUCK accumulation can have severe consequences, for instance reducing average depths or worse, MUCK gives more harmful types of algae, like blue-greens, optimum growing conditions. This MUCK acts as a fertilizer. MUCK when accumulated under anoxic (without oxygen) conditions releases forms of phosphorous more readily available for uptake by algae. By introducing oxygen at these depths where MUCK accumulates, the MUCK breakdown process is greatly accelerated and the forms of phosphorous produced during the breakdown process in oxic (with oxygen) environments is less available to algae, thereby reducing the amount of nutrients available to the undesirable algae.

Vollmar Pond and Lake Management are experts in aerating your pond or lake. We offer many types of aerators from the most popular diffused aeration system to aerating fountains to decorative fountains. If electricity is a problem at your pond or lake, you can still aerate your pond or lake using our wind driven or solar aeration systems. Let us help you with aeration system selection and installation. We proudly offer aeration equipment from Kasco, Keeton Industries, AquaMaster Fountains, and Outdoor Water Solutions.

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