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Lake Construction Planning, Management, & Consulting

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Pond & Lake Site Evaluation

Vollmar Pond and Lake Management can help you evaluate your property or prospective property for ideal pond and lake sites. We evaluate pond and lake sites using engineering calculations, watershed analysis, soil maps, soil borings, soil testing, historical imagery and most importantly common sense. Planning is critical for any pond and lake construction project; let us help you start your project on the right foot.

Some questions that need to be answered to properly evaluate a new or old pond or lake site:

Lake Design

Once your site has been evaluated and lake construction is on the horizon, it is time to consider lake design. Vollmar Pond and Lake Management provides simple to complex lake design plans. Items commonly addressed in a lake design plan:

Lake Construction Management

Vollmar Pond and Lake Management offers lake construction management. Many of our clients do not live on their property, which makes a lake construction project hard to manage. Let us take care of the construction management. Some items addressed in lake construction management:

Why Build a Lake or Pond

Ponds and Lakes Positively Affect Property Value

The demand for recreational property continues to rise. Fishing and hunting resources top the list of must-haves for recreational property buyers. Properties with strong reliable ponds and lakes always demand higher prices per acre and retain greater demand than those properties without ponds or lakes.

According to Jay Jones, Jones Ranch Realty LLC. Fredericksburg, TX "Monies invested in pond and lake developments are dollars well spent. The addition of water features and/or enhancements of existing water features on ranch properties will pay dividends to the owner and ultimately result in a higher selling price versus other properties without such investments. "

Pond Building History

According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, by 1980, more than 2.1 million ponds and lakes had been built on private lands in the United States. Ponds have long been sought after features on any farm or ranch. Prior to the 1930's, ponds and lakes were generally built for livestock or irrigation water with little concern for anything else. In the 1930's, the United States experienced widespread droughts, and in the mid 1930's, the southern plains experienced the Dust Bowl. In April 1935, a federal law was passed to address soil erosion, which was considered a national menace affecting land productivity and value. The 1935 law started the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) recently renamed the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS). This law provided technical and monetary aid to land owners to help minimize soil erosion. One of the most evident legacies of the creation of the NRCS is the lakes and ponds found on private property. The peak of pond and lake building associated with NRCS projects was in the 1960's.

The creation of the NRCS helped focus our attention on the effects of soil erosion, and one of the best tools to combat soil erosion are our beloved ponds and lakes. Many of us have memories centered on these ponds and lakes found at family farms and ranches.