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Pond & Lake Restoration May Be the Best Solution

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Sometimes fishery surveys indicate the need for complete pond or lake restoration. Complete pond or lake restorations completely eradicate all existing fish in a pond or lake, which gives the lake owner and manager a clean slate to start from. This complete eradication is very useful and most times is the easiest, sure-fire first step to the fishery you desire because it allows you the opportunity to restock correctly.

Typically complete pond or lake restorations are performed on older ponds and lakes that have not had any professional management for years or none at all. Complete pond or lake restorations are usually called for when the pond or lake has a very marginal population of fish, usually exhibiting:

Most times complete pond or lake restoration is a better option than trying to correct a marginal fish population using corrective fish stocking techniques.

Rotenone applications are also used when older ponds or lakes are redone and have small puddles with undesirable fish remaining from the old lake or creek channel. Eradicating these puddles of fish before your new lake fills will save time and money in the future.

Vollmar Pond and Lake Management are experts in complete pond and lake restoration. We use EPA labeled Rotenone products to perform these fish eradications. We are certified by the Texas Agriculture Department to perform Rotenone applications.