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Water Quality Testing & Water Quality Management

If you need help or have questions, please call us at 830.992.0928 or send us a message.

Water Quality Assessement & Management

Are the fish safe to eat? Can the kids swim in the lake? Will fish thrive in this lake? These are some of the questions we hear frequently from our clients.

Ponds and lakes are used for many purposes, such as fishing, swimming, irrigation, livestock/wildlife watering and aesthetics. Depending on the main use or combination of uses of your lake or pond, different water quality parameters are of greater importance than others. For instance if pond or lake is used mainly for swimming, excessively high or low pH levels are of less concern. A swimming pond or lake will not be very inviting if turbidity is excessive, however, turbidity is of little concern if irrigation is your main use.

Most of our clients use their lake and ponds for swimming, fishing and aesthetics. Nutrients (phosphorous as phosphates and nitrogen as nitrates), alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, bacterias, and turbidity are some of the main water quality parameters that need monitoring in ponds and lakes used for swimming, fishing, and aesthetics. For example, if nutrients are very high, excessive algae will grow and cause aesthetic problems and fish kills. If bacteria levels (E. Coli and Fecal Coliform) are excessive, safe swimming and livestock/wildlife watering could be compromised.

If you have a new pond or lake or are planning on improving an existing pond or lake, water quality testing is a necessary and essential place to start. You do not want to invest time and money into large fish stocking projects without a general idea of water quality.

Vollmar Pond and Lake Management performs most water quality tests in the field with our own testing equipment. However, some parameters need to be sent off to one of the accredited testing labs we work with.

Water Quality Management

Murky / Turbid Water

Why is my water so murky? Why does my water look like chocolate milk? Why does my water look like pea soup? Where is this turbidity/murkiness coming from? We can determine the source of the lake murkiness and turbidity. Is it organic, i.e. microscopic algae or zooplankton? Is it inorganic, i.e. suspended clay particles? Is the source of this murkiness internal or external? Murky/turbid pond or lake water can negatively affect fish health and swimming opportunities.

Problems with Murky / Turbid Pond or Lake Water as Related to Fish

Problems with Murky/Turbid Pond or Lake Water as Related to a Swimming Lake

Some lake owners may not focus on the fishery of the lake at all; they may be more concerned with other recreational opportunities a lake provides, like swimming. Murky/turbid water limits swimming opportunities in many ways, such as:

Solutions for Murky/Turbid Water

We can help determine what is causing the murkiness or turbidity in your lake. Vollmar Pond and Lake Management has many options available to clear your murky/turbid ponds or lakes. Whether it is organic or inorganic murkiness or turbidity we have the products, equipment and the expertise to solve your problem.